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Tony Vicks


The rest of the story: 

The devil would come in with his devices he soon turn Tony in a different direction, Running the streets doing all sorts of things through peer pressure he soon became a child of the unfortunate. Through Prayer and resorting back to his teachings He was able to put the devil behind him. Tony Grew to become a stand up guy, Tony became a member of a family group by the name of The MC gospel Singers In 1976 which consisted of his Aunts and uncle they sang for about a year and then in 1977 he moved on to a well known group in the area by the name of the Spiritual Voices, He married in 1984 to the daughter of the lead singer of the group and they had two lovely daughters Kynthia Deloris, and Erica Antoinette Vicks. In 1989 Tony would Leave the group and Move to Tallahassee, Florida where he would meet The Brightside Gospel Singers, In 1990 He would join the Brightside singers and would fascinate the listeners of North Florida, South Georgia, Alabama and surrounding areas for 4 years in the year of 1994 he would go on to bigger things. Tony Joined a group called The Mighty Peacemakers, under the leadership of Mr. Titus Stallworth, now known to the country as Lil Blair, Tony would become second lead singer of the group. They released their first recording in 1995 entitled THE MIGHTY PEACEMAKERS, in 1997 they release a follow-up album entitled I SAW THE LIGHT, On The CD The Mighty Peacemakers Tony released a song called Trouble Is Troubling Me,


The song was written by Mr. Charlie Jones of Sumpter, South Carolina, It was a hit then and even now that the group is no longer together the song is still doing well in cities where he has performed. In the year 2000 the group separated and each member went their ways. Tony Vicks along with a lifelong friend Simon Simmons the 3rd they formed The Fantastic Sons of Calvary, Again Tony Vicks would make the audiences stop and take notice he plays Bass Guitar and helps anyone that may need help, He's a member Of The Greater St. Mark P.B Church under the leadership Of The Right Rev. Chris Burney. Tony Plays Bass Guitar for the Choirs at his church as well as lending a hand to many different groups around the area and abroad. 


Tony was remarried in the year of 1997 to Mrs. Sheryl Regina Vicks and they are the parents of 1 daughter Miss. Jontavien Adian Vicks. Now with three Beautiful Daughters and 1 adorable Grandchild Miss. Ka'synthia Ja'toni Butler, it has brought much joy in his life. Now a member of a great group, based out of Atlanta, Georgia He is now one of the lead singers of God's Anointed, Tony spent a brief moment in the presence of The Soul Stirrers as well. In 2006 Tony Lost his Mother-Grandmother. But he still remembers He words "Whatever you do Give God your all" Each time he hits the floor you can rest assured Tony will give you his all and all.                                                                                                                    
Joseph Antonyio Vicks "Tony"


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